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Yankee Candle & Mint Chocolate Bouquet

Yankee Candle & Mint Chocolate Bouquet

  • £32.95

This beautiful gift contains a great selection of official Yankee Candle votives and Mint Chocolate bars, all presented in a bouquet! This is the ultimate gift for any candle and chocolate lover, featuring 6 official votive candles and 13 bars of Mint chocolate. All of our bouquets also have the option to add a gift message at the checkout, which will be placed in a coloured envelope and attached to the bouquet.

This bouquet contains:

2 x Yankee Candle Wild Mint Votives

2 x Yankee Candle Coconut Splash Votives

2 x Yankee Candle Midsummer's Night Votives

3 x Mint Poppets Chocolate Boxes 40g

2 x Nestle Mint Aero Chocolate Bars 36g

2 x Nestle Mint Aero Small Chocolate Bars 27g

3 x Fry's Peppermint Creme Chocolate Bars 49g

2 x Nestle After Eight Munchie Chocolate Bars 60g

1 x Nestle Mint Matchmakers Chocolate Sharing Pouch 108g

All of the chocolates and sweets are secured on platforms and are not skewered or pierced. All of our bouquets are handmade and will arrive fully assembled, and finished with a complimenting luxury bow. Please consult individual chocolate wrappers for allergy information.

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