Are you looking to become the favourite parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle? Shop our exciting range of chocolatey gifts for children, that'll have them bouncing off the walls with glee. From kids' favourite Kinder Hippos to our Retro Sweets Explosion hamper that will transport you right back to your own childhood.

Warning: Excessive amounts of sugar may delay bedtime. On your head be it.

Gifts For Kids

The Kinder Chocolate Bouquet


The 'Cadbury Variety' Chocolate Bouquet


The XL Retro Sweets Bouquet


The Chocolate Explosion Reveal Gift Hamper Box


The Galaxy Celebrations Chocolate Bouquet


The Big USA Chocolate Bouquet


The Haribo Sweets Bouquet


The Marvellous Mixed Chocolate Bouquet


The Cadbury Explosion Reveal Gift Box


The Malteser Galaxy Explosion Reveal Box


The Retro Sweets Explosion Reveal Box


The Kids Chocolate Explosion Reveal Box


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